Horrods Frititdscenter

The Christinehof castle is situateda +couple of mil+ north of Tomelilla. The castle was built by the noble Piper family during the 18th centuary. An extensive park, fields,enclosed pastures and deciduous forests surround the castle.

The castlepark is open to the public and in one of the separate wing buildings presides a castle restaurant.

During the summer the castle hosts big caoncerts with famous artists.




Forsakar brook beginns up on the Linderodridge in the middle of Skane. When you travel down the ridge from horrod to degeberga you pass the forsakar brook where you find 2 amasing falls, here you can also find the Forsakars Inn.

The falls are about 8 and 10 m high. the brook falls along a narrow gordge between large rock and a beautifull leaf woodland. It´s protected by the goverment since it´s a naturereserve.

In the sommer here is 2 unusual birds, Grey Wagtails (motacilla cinerea) and Dippers (cinclus cinclus).

This is also the livningground for the only protected beattle the Blue Ground Beattle.

A fun thing to know is that swedish 100SEk has it´s attachements to Forsakar. On the bill you find Carl von Linné and a plant, "Dogs mercury" that resides in woodlands around Forsakar.

Carl von Linné visited Forksakar in the year 1749 and found it rich fauna to be quite exiting.

The Hanö bay is a a shallow bay in Östersjön, wich lies between Hanö in Blekinge and Stenshuvud on Österlen. Hanöbay offers great swimming and beechwalks opportunities with its + milslånga + sandy beaches.

For You who like hiking we can also recommend the hills in Brosarp, these famous hills is well worth a visit.

There you can find lots of different hiking trails over the variating landscape.

you can ofcourse choose different difficulties. The hiking lanes travel trough fair beech before you come up on Brosarps hills with it´s beautiful and rich flowerflora.

If you choose to take the longest you will travel through 12 km of beautful country.

Visit Tosselilla which you can find in Tomelilla
Tosselilla can offer a loaded adventure for the whole family.

Some activities worth naming:

The bumperboats, ponys, The Warterand, The Tarzantrail, The Wild rapids
and lots of other fun thing both on land and in the water.



In many generations people have visited Kivik from all over Sweden and other contries.

the market lineage back to the middle age and beginns on the fourth tuesday of the month july.

If you here we recommend a visit, And why not take a look att one of Scandinavias biggest ambulating amusementparks with over 40 different attractions.



Kiviks musteri is a swedish company lineage from 1889.


Here you can visit the cider house shop, se the exhibition "The Apples house" and shop at (low)fabricprices. They also arrange tasting of their products.



The king´s grave is made of a enormous mound of stones with about 75 m across. The stones hides a stonechest located in a tombe.

The tomb, that is one of the country´s most noble acient landmarks and is considered that its contruction is resided in the bronze age.





Christinehof Castle
Hanö Bay
Tosselilla Summerland
Brösarps Hills
Kiviks Market
Kiviks cider house
The King´s grave


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