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In the Southern part of Sweden you find Skane, You can locate us in the nortern part of Skane slightly to the east, with it´s beautiful enviroment

The suroundings are made up with big hills and a rich nature. A fex kilometers from Degeberga where you have stores among other things. The sorrounding are calm and stressfree, and the Skanetrail passes through right beside us, for thoose who like hiking through the landscape.

 This is one of Skanes highest campingplaces if not the highest. It´s a paradise for thoose who just want to get away and spend som time in a stressfree and beautiful enviroment.













The caféet will be open during the summer.





We can offer you:

Cabins, fully equipt Cabins
and Loft appartments, for renting and we also have campingplaces for both caravans and tents.

If you not here for recreation we can also set up conferenses and company parties or what else you might want.

24h assistance if you need something or just want to ask us something.















The fishing will have to be closed during this season. This is because we had a long drought last season that struck hard on our fish stocks.


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